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University of the Third Age Wroclaw

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The University of the Third Age in Wrocław was founded in 1976, so it has been existing for 30 years now. The UTA is run by Walentyna Wnuk. She is a university teacher, andragogist and gerontologist involved in adult education as well as in education of the elderly. However, the core of U3A is the Scientific Board of Supervisors which consists of professors of the Medical Academy, the Academy of Physical Education, the University of Wrocław and representatives of the University of the Third Age Council.
The program of U3A includes intellectual, physical and social aspects of non-formal education. The University of the Third Age in Wrocław offers the following:

completing and updating people’s knowledge
gaining competence, which helps to overcome developmental crises
possibilities to get to know other older people
support for elderly people
stimulation to work for the sake of others

Aula Leoplodina at the University Wroclaw

U3A of Wrocław offers the following kinds of activities for older students:Lectures given weekly by professors Work in small groups which focus on:

The autumn of life from the gerontological perspective
Physical culture in older people’s lives
Art in older people’s lives
Music therapy
Anthropology – philosophical and theological aspects


Bridge section
Photography section
Embroidery section
Cultural section
Physical culture
Dance and music section Organization and order section
Artistic and decorating section
Nature section
Chess section
Tourist section
Publishing section
Section of mutual help


Dicussion club
Art lovers’ club
Wanderers of the golden age’ club

Artistic groups

Cabaret “The elders”
Poetry theatre

Foreign language courses



Wroclaw University


Natural World
Psychology of late adulthood
Medicine and physical activity in old age
Study of Knowledge of European Union


Dance therapy

An important thing to say is that from its beginning local authorities have been supporting U3A’s activities in the financial and content-related way . They have helped U3A to become an autonomous unit with its own small base.
To sum up, elderly people show a great interest in attending U3A. The students of U3A edit and publish their own periodical (“Kurier”), which is distributed to U3A’s all over Poland.
Owing to the well-developing co-operation with the authorities of Wrocław University as well as local authorities, U3A can expand its activities. However, due to space limitations (e.g. the lack of a room equipped with computers), it cannot fully meet the needs of elderly people.

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