1990 - 2010

The first 20 years

2011 -

The recent years

At this moment (2020) EFOS has 19 institutional and 19 individual members.

In October 2019 EFOS started a new Erasmus+ project "Senior´s Learning in the Digital Society" (SeliD) with eight member institutions as partners. The main objectives are open education and innovative practices in a digital era, focusing on improving and extending high quality learning opportunities for digital technologies and ICT, tailored to the needs of individual low-skilled or low-qualified adults.
The project focuses on elderly students and older people in general to improve and develop their digital skills and knowledge. They need special education and training in many fields for a more flexible use of ICT in their daily life and for an active citizenship.

The Erasmus+ project "Educational Senior Network" (EduSenNet), carried out from 2014 till 2017, identified both the specific needs of elderly learners aged over 50 and the conditions under which they learn. The project examined the extent of possible innovation, how it may be undertaken and for whom. Identification of the learning environment can assist us in programme innovation not only in urban situations but also in specific communities and rural areas. The results are summarised in the publications "Educational Senior Network" und "Education for Seniors in Europe".