Proverbs once and now
Wolfgang Spitaler has published the findings of the Vecu project working group 'Proverbs' in an article in the December 2020 issue of Wiener Sprachblätter.
Sprichwörter einst und jetzt (in pdf)

European Commission: Green Paper On Ageing
Fostering solidarity and responsibilty between generations
27 Jan. 2021

Results of EduSenNet project
"Educational Senior Network": Review of the present education for seniors
"Education for Seniors in Europe": Investigations, innovations and best practices

ForAge Lexicon of Terms
The ForAge Project aims to collect together knowledge, ideas and experience about later- life learning in Europe. The language of later-life learning (at least in English) is sometimes ill-defined and inexact; sometimes its usage is unclear and confusing.Therefore there was a strong case to create a glossary of terms with the  ForAge Lexicon of Terms as a result. It is available under:

Guide for senior education in Germany has published a folder with the title "Studieren im Alter, Ratgeber zum Seniorenstudium" that contains very useful and interesting information about the education for elderly people in Germany. It contains a general description of the possibilities for studies and a complete list with  addresses of institutions for education for elderly people .

Here you can download the folder in pdf format. 

Stanley Miller
Seniors Education in Great Britain and around the World

A description of the U3A movement in Great Britain in comparison with other forms of seniors education in other countries.

Olaf Freymark
Why do older people need further education?
Discussion paper

Dr. Daniel Meynen 2010
Towards the future of higher education for the elderly
Rendering some precision

Prof. Joost Hauer (Netherlands), Dr.Daniel Meynen (Germany), Prof.Dr.Johannes Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands), Karl Schwarz (Germany) 2008
Towards the future of higher education for the elderly
A stimulus for further thought

Dr. Daniel Meynen
Where do you find a forum for the elderly to study science and arts?
Structural problems and chances of promoting this type of studies in Germany.

Translation: Rudolf Lewy, Sulzburg.