April 2018 London

The spring meeting of 2018 was held in London from 25th to 28th April. This was the first time in its history that EFOS convened in the United Kingdom. It offered us the oportunity to meet with representatives of the U3A movement and the Third Age Trust for a mutual exchange of information and experiences. The Seminar  “British model of U3A and experience from Europe” consisted of short presentations on the topics: “UK U3A Model”,  “EFOS and the European Third Age Experience” and “Feedback from EFOS research”. A lively discussion following the presentations added significantly to the understanding of the differing approaches to education for the Elderly in European countries, with the British U3A as one of the most prominent examples.

On the agenda of the EFOS meeting were important items like the action plan for 2018 -2022, a letter to the European Parlament and a discussion about the future of our organisation.



Participants from EFOS and U3A