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EFOS News Nr. 1 2022

  • President’s report for the year 2021,  Nadežda Hrapková 
  • Evaluation of the SeLiD survey, Katarina Grunwald 
  • Corona – Pandemic– Lockdown, How did we organize the work on the Erasmus+ - project during the pandemic?, Eveline Rudolph
  • Seniors Learning in digital spaces: Re-creating the spirit of the coffee break and the vermouth time, Hugh Busher, Marian Aleson-Carbonell, José Luis Casal 
  • Pershore’s pandemic positivity,  Auriol Ainley   
  • U3A in the UK – surviving lockdown: a personal account, Liz Thackray   
  • “The best is the enemy of the good”, Jerzy Czerwonka    
  • Knowledge is fun! -  25th anniversary of “Verein zur Förderung des Gasthörer- und Seniorenstudiums an der Universität zu Köln”, Gerd Lasetzke     
  • Needs of the Elderly persons, Magdalena Wnuk-Olenicz   
  • Stability or change?, IJda Blüm    
  • Proverbs once and now, Wolfgang Spitaler    (in German)

EFOS News Nr. 1 2020

  • President’s report for the year 2019,  Dr. Nadežda Hrapková
  • EFOS 30 Years!, Herta Spitaler
  • U3A in the United Kingdom, Auriol Ainley
  • Seniors‘ Learning in the Digital Society – SeLiD, Project Erasmus+. Dr Nadežda Hrapková
  • Digital Society for seniors in Sweden,  Dr. Björn Odin
  • Intergenerational research learning and working at the Senior Citizens' College at TU Chemnitz with cooperation partners from business and politics, Prof. Dr. Roland Schöne
  • The EFOS perspectives for inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities … , Ingrid Dummer, Dr. Katarina Grunwald, Dr. Nadežda Hrapková
  • Gallery of  distinguished EFOS members: Olaf Freymark

EFOS News Nr. 1 2019

  • President’s report for the year 2018,  Dr. Nadežda Hrapková
  • The Federal Working Group on Continuing Education for Older People (BAG WiWA), Thomas Bertram
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Danube Area – National Asset or Contribution to European Identity?  Dr. Katarina Grunwald
  • Writing Workshop in Magdeburg, Wolfgang von der Heide
  • Gallery of  distinguished EFOS members: Peter Hug

EFOS News Nr. 1 2018

  • Report of the EFOS president for the meeting in Groningen 2017,  Dr. Nadežda Hrapková  
  • Report of the 2017 UNECE Ministerial Conference on Ageing, Lisbon 2017, Dr. Katarina Grunwald
  • U3A in Practice, Stanley Miller                     
  • “Asociación Estatal de Programas Universitarios para Mayores",  Dr. Concepción Bru Ronda       
  • EFOS project Erasmus +EduSenNet, Dr. Nadežda Hrapková  
  • Letter from the EU Commission  
  • 25 years of contact studies "Studieren ab 50" at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg - a review, Olaf Freymark       
  • The “Grass-Art“ Project,  Anne Facius et al 
  • Gallery of  distinguished EFOS members: Nadežda Hrapková  

EFOS News Nr. 1 2017

  • President’s report for the year 2016, Dr. Nadežda Hrapková 
  • 1 October – International Day of Older Persons, Dr. Katarina Grunwald 
  • 40th anniversary of the University of the Third Age in Wroclaw, Dr. Björn Odin 
  • Compilation of surveys among non-students, Dr. Katarina Grunwald 
  • Gallery of  distinguished EFOS members: Stanley Miller

EFOS News Nr. 1 2016

  • EFOS Contribution to UN NGO Committee on Ageing, Vienna, Katarína Grunwald 
  • Current information about Erasmus+ project EduSenNet,  Nadežda Hrapková 
  • Images of Ageing and the Relevance of Intergenerational Experience in the Context of Continuing Education of the Elderly at the University,  Annika Rathmann  
  • Specific teaching programmes for older adults in Spain:The Permanent University of the University of Alicante.Training and research through the EduSenNet project, Concepción Bru Ronda et al.
  • Peer-to-Peer training and active ageing: Becoming familiar with new technologies at the UPUA within a collaborative learning atmosphere, José Luis Casal and Felipe Castejón 
  • Gallery of  distinguished EFOS members: Jutta Arnold, Herta Spitaler

EFOS News Nr.1 2015

  • President's report, Nadežda Hrapková
  • EFOS Action Plan 2014 - 2018, Nadežda Hrapková, Stanley Miller
  • New EFOS project EduSenNet, Nadežda Hrapková
  • Survey among institutional memebrs of EFOS, Review Table, Katharina Grunwald, Peter Hug
  • Intergenerational solidarity among EFOS members, IJda Blüm
  • Magdeburg media group, Karin Braune
  • Gallery of distinguished EFOS members: Horst Leonhard, Ingrid Dummer

EFOS News Nr.1 2014 

  • Seniors education in Britain, Stanley Miller
  • The University of the Third Age at the University of Wrocław,  Dr.  Alexander Kobylarek
  • On the General Education of Older People in Germany, with particular reference to Universities and Higher Education Institutions,  Prof. Dr. Roland Schöne
  • Higher Education for senior citizens in the Netherlands. Growing in line with society,  Prof. Dr. Eric Bleumink

EFOS News Nr. 1 2013

  • President’s Report, EFOS meeting October 2012 in Wroclaw, Peter Hug
  • On the wisdom of the elderly, Dr. Daniel Meynen
  • Ageing in Dresden, Prof. Alexander Andreeff
  • UNECE Minister ial Conference on Ageing, Peter Hug
  • Activities on the occasion of the „senior days“ in Wroclaw in the year of “active ageing”, Urszula Mierzejewska
  • More happiness in life through education and activity in old age, Dr. Rosemarie Kurz
  • News in Short

EFOS News Nr. 1 2012

Report of the resigning EFOS president, Dr. Nadežda Hrapková

Seminar in Dresden, 7 April 2011
„The role of education in the democratie of an ageing society“

  • Reflections and Consequences of Images of Ageing in Modern Society –
    an Examination of the Problem, Prof. Dr. Elenor Volprich
  • Educational opportunities for seniors in Austria, Mag. Herta Spitaler
  • What motivates an older student?, Dipl.Ing. Peter Hug
  • Why do older people need further education?, Olaf Freymark
  • Significant aspects of the learning seniors in a democratic society,
    Dr. Nadežda Hrapková

Conference Wroclaw, 28 J une – 1 J uly 2011
„Universities of the third age for the knowledge society and understanding“

  • LENA – LEARNING IN LATER LIFE, Dr. Rosemarie Kurz
  • Inter cultural work and education of the seniors, Dr. Nadežda Hrapková
  • Senior Participation, Dr. Rosemarie Kurz

The Spanish congress on university education for older people, Prof. Petr Vavrin, Lenka Shromazdilova

EFOS News Nr. 1 2011

EFOS 20 years

  • Yearly report of the EFOS president, Dr. Nadežda Hrapková
  • Goals and activities of EFOS – present and past, review of Dr. Wolfgang Schmidl and prof. Joost Hauer
  • The European senior in the transfor mation of education, Dr. Nadežda Hrapková


  • The project VECU. What does it mean for seniors to be Europeans? , Dr. Daniel Meynen
  • The contribution of the University of the 3 rd Age in Wroclaw to the VECU project, Dr. Anna Gozdowski
  • VECU project, part „Proverbs“, Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Spitaler
  • VECU workgroup Groningen „Literature“, Anneke de Boer-Steenhuis
  • Literature in a national and European context, a Grundtvig learnig partner’s model of the universities of Vienna and Magdeburg and the senior university Groningen, Dr. Gabriele Czech et al
  • VECU Project, part „Music“, Dr. Katarina Grunwald
  • Virtual European Cultural Centre (VECU) A review from Dresden , Eveline Rudolph

EFOS News Nr. 1 2010

  • Education and Democracy, Prof. Alexander Andreeff
  • Retiring professors and active academic retirees. On their position at Universities and within the Anglicist community after Bologna, Prof. Franz Karl Stanzel
  • Youngsters, make scientists of them …, drs. Eveline Bieshaar

EFOS News Nr.1 2009
       Virtual European Cultural Centre

  • The VECU project. A progress report, Dr. Daniel Meynen
  • Everyday culture, PhDr. Nadezda Hrapková, PhD.
  • Impressions on the triple meeting Groningen/Magdeburg/Vienna
    on “literature”, Mag. Herta Spitaler
  • VECU Working group about Proverbs, Elisabeth Marek, Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Spitaler
  • Music project Bratislava, PhDr. Katarina Grunwald
  • How a team from Dresden, Brno, and Kiel researches " European Everyday Culture" , Ingrid Dummer

EFOS News Nr. 1 2008

  • Annual report 2008 of the EFOS president, PhDr. Nadezda Hrapková
  • The VECUProject of the EFOS, Dr. Daniel Meynen
  • The introduction of the EURO in Slovakia, Mag. Herta and Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Spitaler
  • Scientific education for the 40+ generation, Dr. Rosemarie Kurz
  • From the life of U3A, prof. Ing. Petr Vavřín
  • Vision of HOVO Nederland on international contacts, Dipl. Ing. Peter Hug

EFOS News Nr. 2 2007
        Results of EFOSEC survey among senior students

  • Premature end of EFOSEC, Peter Hug
  • Unity in Diversity, a Summer Course in Slovakia, Wilma Meijer
  • EFOSEC Questionnaire for Students, Summary of Results, PhDr. Nadezda Hrapková
  • VECU, a new project of EFOS, Peter Hug
  • Work of the NGO’s in the UN committees, Ingrid Dummer
  • Demographic Development in the new federal states of Germany and education for senior citizens, Olaf Freymark

EFOS News Nr. 1 2007
     Peer Review of Universities of the 3rd Age

  • EFOSEC Peer Review Table, Forms of scientific education for seniors at universities (situation 2006)
  • Short descriptions of the universities of the 3rd age

EFOS News Nr. 1 2006

  • EFOSEC, Dipl. Ing. Peter Hug
  • The idea of development as a factor of the prophylaxis of old age, Dr. Walentyna Wnuk
  • Older people in a wider Europe, Dr. Nadia Hrapková
  • The Dutch UTA student, Dipl. Ing. Peter Hug
  • Prospects of universities of  the third age, Dr. Daniel Meynen

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