Action plan 2018 - 2022


Focal points of EFOS in the forthcoming years

Based on the right of older persons to have access to education it is very important in the EFOS framework:

  • to protect the interests of older students in the studies at the institutions concerning the elderly within Europe;
  • to cooperate with universities and their students on a national and European level;
  • to exchange information about the educational bodies that offer possibilities for continuing education for elderly learners;
  • to exchange life experiences of seniors from their universities, communities, own families, cities and countries;
  • to research on the topics of senior´s education in the European framework;
  • to follow the EFOS traditions and directly involve the elderly students in EFOS activities;
  • to keep the accustomed system of the international meetings twice a year in varying European countries and offer possibilities to present own activities and exchange experiences;
  • to combine EFOS meetings with workshops. Encourage participation of senior students of the hosting institution to assure meaningful discussions on important topics.
  • to recruit new institutions that focus on elderly learners and education.  Extend EFOS membership to European countries that are not yet represented;  
  • to propagate senior education in an active way like lobbying in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the European Commission in Brussels, react to documents and politics of the EU and participate in national and international committees (Committee for Ageing in Vienna, etc.);
  • to build the image of EFOS in one’s own country as well as abroad (through attendance of international meetings and conferences);
  • to keep continuity in the EFOS membership in one’s own institution and find new responsible persons (successors) for the continuity of the membership.