Approval has been given for a new Erasmus+ project entitled "Educational Senior Network" (EduSenNet ), coordinated by the Comenius University of Bratislava for the period December 1st 2014 to October 30th 2017.

This project will identify both the specific needs of elderly learners aged over 50 and the conditions under which they learn. The project will examine the extent of possible innovation, how it may be undertaken and for whom. Identification of the learning environment can assist us in programme innovation not only in urban situations but also in specific communities and rural areas.

Objectives, needs and outcomes will be catered for in various ways:

 -  by summarising experiences;

-  by encouraging the elderly to take par t in learning activities; 

-  by developing their interest in learning through participation  in activities designed to promote and extend their  knowledge and skills.

It will be necessary to examine the objectives, motivation and barriers to learning of the elderly persons taking part in the programmes as well of those who do not participate. The introduction of new programmes and the upgrading of old ones can involve the elderly in activities more suited to their needs.

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Virtual European Cultural Centre (VECU)

The VECU project of EFOS was carried out from August 2008 till July 2010. It was financially supported by the Grundtvig Learning Partnership programme of the European Union.


EFOS Enlargement and Co-operation (EFOSEC)

In August 2006 EFOS started with the project EFOSEC which was sponsored by the Grundtvig 2 programme of the European Union.

To our disappointment the project had to be terminated prematurely in July 2007 because one of the national agencies refused the renewal.